Vrbančič Andrej


Andrej Vrbančič is a specialist in the field of OPC communication platforms and Intesis communication interfaces for building automation at INEA RBT, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

During his industry business career, he dealt with production planning, controlling and management.

Through Robotina Company, his business journey also brought him to India, where he was faced with the transfer of technology and running a JV company.

During his business journey, he got to know IT and production-logistics processes, various industrial and cultural environments, the world of automation and business in an international environment. Digitization of production factory processes is the latest passion.

He is a big fan of sports (basketball, running, cycling), yoga&meditation, traveling and reading good literature.


Conference November 8

Industry 4.0 in SME - Software make it possible [INEA RBT]

With the help of the central Industry 4.0 platform, data exchange in your networked production processes is automated and optimised. The OPC Router connects systems vertically and horizontally, from sensor and controller to ERP and cloud, from printer and scale to MES, SCADA or LIMS.