Gallery Conference


Ford Otosan Craiova – on its journey to Enhanced Operational Excellence

Strategic Doing - FACTORY 4.0

Renault Group a frontrunner in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation

The way to a net zero factory – Smart utility metering, reporting and modular open automation.

MONEO – the Toolbox for the digitalisation of the factory

2022 FACTORY 4.0: Leveraging Microsoft Azure in automotive and port-to-port shipping [Microsoft]

Regulatory support measures for smart grids and promoting flexibility - Romanian Energy Center

Digitization in an important economic sector... the construction sector

Industry 4.0 needs a system approach [Bosch Rexroth]

Implementation and Benefits of Technology [Dell Technology & EasyPay System]

Connectivity – How connected robots will make the production more efficient? [KUKA]

People and technology in operational activities. [Total Technologies]

Industry 4.0 in SME - Software make it possible [INEA RBT]

Control. Optimize. Profit [I4cube]

2022 FACTORY 4.0: Invest in ROMANIA - who’s in it for the long term?

What is the future of the Romanian car industry in the context of electromobility?

Are ‘smart’ sectors the future of Romanian manufacturing? The role of digital skills

The future role of energy in Manufacturing. Energy Security

Industry 4.0 Applications for Medical/Healthcare Sector

How can we prepare organizations for Logistics 4.0?

Opportunities for the digital economy and society