Monika Primozic

EIT Manufacturing

Monika Primožič is an Education Developer at EIT Manufacturing CLC East and holds a Bachelor in Education from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and a Master in Applied Psychology from the University of Liverpool, UK.

As Education Developer at EIT Manufacturing, she is responsible for the management of the EIT Manufacturing Education portfolio across Central and Eastern Europe including the following activities: EIT Manufacturing Master and PhD programmes, Teaching and Learning Factories, the EIT Manufacturing e-learning platform Skills.move, Blended learning courses and trainings, and others. Her passion lies in the implementation of upskilling and reskilling activities to fill the skills gap in Industry 4.0.

As former Programme Officer for the World Food Programme of the United Nations, Monika has gained expertise over the years in Monitoring and Evaluation of international projects, with focus on developing Capacity Strengthening strategies and various Learning and Training programmes implemented across 52 countries world-wide.

Personal motto: “Never stop learning and always challenge yourself!”

11:00 - 11:45 Panel 3

Forum November 9

Are ‘smart’ sectors the future of Romanian manufacturing?  The role of digital skills 

Education should play a key role in developing digital skills in any field of activity. Modern                      world encompasses digitalization in evey corner of our life. The ‘smart’ sectors includ automotive, defense, aerospace, renewable energy and life sciences. How will development for these sectors be supported? What can be done to address the Romania’s long-standing problems in scaling up innovation? What skills  and what programs will be needed to bolster these sectors and how can the Romanian government and private sectors work to ensure the Romanian workforce is ready for the challenge?