Leila Bardasuc

Universidad Europea

Leila has a wide experience in strategic management, digital transformation and business development, advising companies on digital transformation, tech solutions and strategies that can help build a more sustainable business, with the human component and talent at the centre of the digitalization process.

Over the past 10 years she has developed markets and a network of international partners through new strategies in the IT sector. She is an advocate of a new commercial model, that focuses more on helping, building trust and not selling. Therefore, she is working with CONNECTS towards achieving a B4B (business for business) approach and platform, where businesses can grow stronger together, become more sustainable and also as a teacher of new business models at the Master in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation strategy within Universidad Europea Madrid.

With a Business Economics PhD in innovative methodology from the European University in Madrid in 2016, and a second PhD in Communication, focusing on communication and marketing strategies, from Malaga University in 2022, she is researching and publishing on topics like digital transformation, strategic management and marketing, sustainable business models.

11:00 - 11:45 Panel 3

Forum November 9

Are ‘smart’ sectors the future of Romanian manufacturing?  The role of digital skills 

Education should play a key role in developing digital skills in any field of activity. Modern                      world encompasses digitalization in evey corner of our life. The ‘smart’ sectors includ automotive, defense, aerospace, renewable energy and life sciences. How will development for these sectors be supported? What can be done to address the Romania’s long-standing problems in scaling up innovation? What skills  and what programs will be needed to bolster these sectors and how can the Romanian government and private sectors work to ensure the Romanian workforce is ready for the challenge?