Teodora Tompea


News anchor at Digi24, “Focus on Europe” host, “Planeta ești tu” host, Journalist, MC for events

Journalist since 2008, with good years spent on radio and television. He studied journalism in Iasi, where she was born, and completed it with a scholarship in Brussels.

She believes that every experience helps us to become, in the end, our best option.

09:30-10:15 Panel 1

Forum November 9

Invest in ROMANIA - who’s in it for the long term?

Which one suits you best? Investing on a long term tends to be a difficult task with a lot of  uncertain measures about security in Eastern Europe; how can international investors be confident about setting up or expanding operations in Romania? How competitive will Romania be as a  destination for investors? Which sectors are set to rise and what initiatives are on offer? This panel will discuss the feasibility of investing in digitalization in Romania and explore the current opportunities .

10:15-11:00 Panel 2

Forum November 9

What is the future of the Romanian car industry in the context of electromobility? 

The Romanian car industry must quickly make the transition from conventional cars to electric cars, the future of car industry being developed  according to the European policy on environment. Tens of thousands of jobs in the automotive and components production sector in Romania are in danger, threatened by the growing interest on electric cars developed by the Western Countries, thus restructuring the global automotive industry.

11:00 - 11:45 Panel 3

Forum November 9

Are ‘smart’ sectors the future of Romanian manufacturing?  The role of digital skills 

Education should play a key role in developing digital skills in any field of activity. Modern                      world encompasses digitalization in evey corner of our life. The ‘smart’ sectors includ automotive, defense, aerospace, renewable energy and life sciences. How will development for these sectors be supported? What can be done to address the Romania’s long-standing problems in scaling up innovation? What skills  and what programs will be needed to bolster these sectors and how can the Romanian government and private sectors work to ensure the Romanian workforce is ready for the challenge?

12:00-12:45 Panel 4

Forum November 9

The future role of energy in Manufacturing. Energy Security

Energy security—the continuous availability of energy in varied forms, in sufficient quantities, and at reasonable prices—has many aspects. It means limited vulnerability to transient or longer disruptions of imported supplies. It also means the availability of local and imported resources to meet, over time and at reasonable prices, the growing demand for energy. Political, environmental challenges, liberalisation and deregulation, and the growing dominance of market forces all have profound implications for energy security.

12:45-13:30 Panel 5

Forum November 9

Industry 4.0 Applications for Medical/Healthcare Sector

How did the pandemic play a positive role in creating  and developing new online healthcare platforms? Telemedicine is a solution developed to empower clinics and hospitals to augment their services to e-therapy, expand their reach and grow while offering patients end therapists an excellent digitally- enabled experience. Keeping and developing digital platforms after the pandemic. New solutions designed to complete a diagnostic system and new digitalized platforms for collecting medical data . Digitalized pharma as a tool for helping patients

13:30-14:00 Panel 6

Forum November 9

How can we prepare organizations for Logistics 4.0?

To develop a better-connected and smarter supply chain process, organizations need to implement Industry 4.0. Smart technologies can play a crucial role in providing the following list of advantages: Supply chain transparency; Automating repetitive tasks; Real-time tracking; Improved judgment; Reduction in inefficiencies; Better forecasting; Critical thinking. It’s about the way logistics and supply chain management meet the needs of all stakeholders, knowing that Industry 4.0 and logistics 4.0 make the difference in gaining competitive benefits

14:00-14:30 Panel 7

Forum November 9

Opportunities for the digital economy and society

How the public and private sectors can maximize the opportunity of the digital economy. Strategies and funding sources for digital transformation projects.

9:30- 9:45

Conference November 8

Romanian Officials

Opening message from Nicolae Ciucă, Prime Minister of România


Conference November 8

Ford Otosan Craiova – on its journey to Enhanced Operational Excellence driven by Innovation, Digitalization and Data Analytics

Ford Otosan’s Craiova plant plays a key role in Ford’s electrification plans in Europe. The Romanian factory benefits from Ford Otosan’s extensive experience and expertise in new generation technologies such as electrification, commercial vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing. Ford Otosan’s expertise and know-how in Industry 4.0, as seen in the recently launched flagship E-Transit model, is reflected in all activities of Craiova plant.

10:00 - 10:30

Conference November 8

Strategic Doing

It is a new strategy discipline that is lean, agile and fast—just what companies, organizations, communities and regions need to survive and thrive.


Conference November 8

Renault Group a frontrunner in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation [Renault Group]

Our production system is future-focused, undergoing a major transformation in response to the changing challenges of the automotive industry and the expectations of our customers. The 4.0 revolution is ushering in new business functions, new skills and new tools. It is the driving force behind a connected, agile and competitive production base.


Conference November 8

The way to a net zero factory – Smart utility metering, reporting and modular open automation. [Phoenix Contact]

How brownfield factories in resource-intensive industries can meter, analyze, and report their utilities through a holistic digitalization and automation concept, but also how standardized, flexible, and agile automation, without having to intervene in the inventory process, can increase condition-based maintenance or productivity.


Conference November 8

MONEO – the Toolbox for the digitalisation of the factory [ifm]

As an IIoT platform, ifm moneo combines the level of operation technology with the level of information technology. The sensor data generated in the production plants can be read and processed easily and used as a basis for sustainable corporate decisions..

11:55 - 12:05

Conference November 8

Digitization in an important economic sector... the construction sector

12:05 - 12:15

Conference November 8

Industry 4.0 needs a system approach


Conference November 8

Implementation and Benefits of Technology [Dell Technology & EasyPay System]

Go from ideas to outcomes faster with a simple and consistent cloud experience, AI-based laptops, proactive storage solutions and automated servers that outmaneuver threats.


Conference November 8

Connectivity – How connected robots will make the production more efficient? [KUKA]

KUKA is a global automation corporation with sales of around 3.3 billion euro and roughly 14,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers customers everything they need from a single source: from robots and cells to fully automated systems and their networking in markets such as automotive, electronics, metal & plastic, consumer goods, e-commerce/retail and healthcare.

12:55- 13:10

Conference November 8

Regulatory support measures for smart grids and promoting flexibility [Romanian Energy Center]

The main objective of CRE is to promote the active participation of Romanian state-owned and private energy companies in European partnerships, in European co-financed projects and, more importantly, in the European decision-making process. CRE advocates for the interests of the Romanian energy sector.

13:10 - 13:30

Conference November 8

People and technology in operational activities. [Total Technologies]

Our experience demonstrates that the introduction of new technologies does more than eliminate jobs. If implementation is managed well, it can change the way work is done. It can increase both productivity and the level of service provided by making the tasks that people perform easier.


Conference November 8

Leveraging Microsoft Azure in automotive and port-to-port shipping [Microsoft]

The session covers the journey of two Endava manufacturing customers that embraced Microsoft Azure and decided to leverage their business. We discover how renting and tracking cars was remodelled using the cloud and the technical hicaps during this journey. We continue the journey with one of the largest shipping companies that adopted the cloud and aligned ISA 95 with their vision of automated ports.


Conference November 8

Industry 4.0 in SME - Software make it possible [INEA RBT]

With the help of the central Industry 4.0 platform, data exchange in your networked production processes is automated and optimised. The OPC Router connects systems vertically and horizontally, from sensor and controller to ERP and cloud, from printer and scale to MES, SCADA or LIMS.

14:05 - 14:20

Conference November 8

Control. Optimize. Profit [I4cube]

The i4Cube platform is the result of knowledge and work of the Slovenian start-up company DSI Expert founded in 2020. We started designing and developing the platform in 2019, with a clear vision of introducing a state-of-the-art IT platform to Slovenian and international professional public.

The result of our work is a unique IT platform, which we will continue to improve and develop with the aim of realizing its exceptional potential for work process optimization and steer our innovation towards future plans and projects.