Cătălin Lepinzean

Phoenix Contact

His passion for electronics guided his steps towards microelectronics engineering studies and early jobs in applied electronics for audio-video products, followed by several years of experience in radiocommunication field


The vast product portfolio of Phoenix Contact, from the innovative connection technologies up to the cutting edge communication and control modules aimed for the automation wold, need to be seamingly integrated in today and tomorrow industrial control applications. Cătălin ofers consultancy to industry proffesionals for chosing the right technology for the right task or project and promotes the company future oriented concepts like “All Electric Society” or “Digital Factory Now”


Conference November 8

The way to a net zero factory – Smart utility metering, reporting and modular open automation. [Phoenix Contact]

How brownfield factories in resource-intensive industries can meter, analyze, and report their utilities through a holistic digitalization and automation concept, but also how standardized, flexible, and agile automation, without having to intervene in the inventory process, can increase condition-based maintenance or productivity.