Manufacturing practice lead for EMEA Presales - Office of the CTO – CTO Ambassador

Wojciech Janusz

Speech Topic: IT point of view on modern manufacturing trends.

Wojciech Janusz

Wojciech Janusz has 15 years of experience working as a sysadmin, presales engineer, and technical account manager.

Wojciech studied at AGH University of Science and Technology, and he is highly skilled in Storage and Virtualization, facts which allowed him to specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Edge computing, Big Data, and IoT solutions.

His career at Dell Technologies to date gives him an interesting perspective, facilitating the understanding of the complex needs of various stakeholders.

Since 2021 Wojciech has been responsible for the manufacturing vertical for EMEA presales.

Imagine fundal FACTORY 4.0, Conferinta - Wojciech Janusz