Director of TEC Cluster

Rodica Lupu

Speech Topic: Digitalizarea in industria construcțiilor. Priorități

Rodica Lupu

Rodica Lupu founded and leads the consulting company in innovation management and financing Loop Operations, as well as Ingenius Hub, with ultra-central co-working spaces in 5 cities, with constant programs to support and finance young entrepreneurs and involvement in financing of 240 start-ups in the last 3 years.

In the 15 years of entrepreneurship, 13 years of European business in the central administration and in international projects, 15 years of involvement in civil society, Rodica Lupu is responsible for attracting about 100 million euros from non-refundable funds for clients and partners, but also responsible for the initiation and development of projects with national or regional impact, both at the level of legislation and at the level of network development, entrepreneurial education, social responsibility.

She graduated an MBA program in London and San Francisco, and she is also an expert of the European Commission (TAIEX) in the field of the internal market and works as a Business Angel, trainer, speaker, author.

Rodica Lupu