Video Surveillance and IoT Solution Consultant

Pat O'Duffy

Speech Topic: Smart Industries solutions

Pat O'Duffy

Pat O’Duffy is a member of the Dell Team for over 26 years. In this time, Pat had the chance to take part along with his Dell Technologies team in the most groundbreaking evolutions in technology thanks to his highly technical knowledge in multiple arenas from Client Devices, High-end Workstations, Data Centres, Integration, and Connectivity between multiple components.

Leading innovation – Pat O’Duffy had an appetite for innovation since the late 80’s when he enrolled in the Technological University Dublin. He found the right place for innovation in 1993 when he joined Dell Technologies.

Pat O’Duffy will showcase the Smart Industries projects that gave the opportunity to our clients and customers to lead their industry sector and their market.

How? – Pat will demonstrate live the Smart Industries solutions that help the clients, industries, and communities to follow their digital transformation path live from Limmerick at Dell Customer Solution Center.