Head of R&D Project Area - Coordination pole for Nanotechnologies

Lorenzo Sabatini

Speech Topic: Tools and policies for introducing and supporting 4.0 in SMEs

Lorenzo Sabatini

Lorenzo Sabatini (Male – EU Project Manager Senior) – First class degree in Electronic Engineering.

Employed in ASEV since 2012, head of the project R&I area. National and EU project manager senior, involved in several regional (ROP) national and European Framework Programmes (FP6, FP7, INTERREGs III-IVC-V- EUROPE, ICT-PSP, ERA-NETs) and networks, where he is/has been coordinator or responsible at Steering or Technical Committee level.

Since 2011 he is the coordinator of the regional NMP Cluster (Innovation Pole >> Technology District) and member of the TECNORETE.