Professor at Universidad Europea
Head of partnerships at CONNECTS

Leila Bardasuc

Speech Topic: The skills needed in a digital age and how to develop them
(Indepth view upon the Training Academy from CONNECTS and
the Master in Industry 4.0 from Universidad Europea)

Leila Bardasuc

Leila has a wide experience in strategic management, digital transformation and business development. 

Over the past 8 years she has developed markets and a network of international partners through new strategies in the IT sector. She is an advocate of a new commercial model, that focuses more on helping, building trust and not selling. Therefore, she is working with CONNECTS towards achieving a B4B (business for business) approach and platform, where businesses can grow stronger together and also as a teacher of new business models at the Master in Industry 4.0 and digital transformation strategy within Universidad Europea.

With a Business Economics PhD in innovative methodology from the European University in Madrid in 2016, she is currently finishing a second PhD in new communication techniques at Malaga University.