Global Sales & Marketing Director Solution Industry 4.0

Jan-Remi Fromentin

Speech Topic: MONEO – the Toolbox for the digitalisation of the factory

Jan-Remi Fromentin

With telecommunication engineering studies, first year PhD in automation and an MBA from HEC Paris, Jan-Remi Fromentin started to work in several American telecom companies as project and product manager.

He joined ifm electronic 25 years ago and had various responsibilities in marketing and sales management at ifm France and South West Europe.

After 6 years as the CEO of ifm France, he’s now in charge of sales and marketing of Industry 4.0 solutions at ifm corporate, reporting to the CEO of ifm group of companies.

competitiveness. “

He’s also involved in the Open Alliance for Industry 4.0 as one of the ifm representative in charge of Early Adoption projects.