Member of the Romanian Order of Architects and certified BIM Manager, BIM CORE CONSULTING

Corina Marinescu

Speech Topic: Building Information Modelling. Ce este? De ce este necesar?

Corina Marinescu

Corina Marinescu is member of the Romanian Order of Architects and certified BIM Manager at Arcadia AEN Architecture & PM where she contributes everyday to the digital transformation of the company. 

She has successfully graduated with a Master’s degree in Global BIM Management at the University of Barcelona and she’s actively involved in TEC Cluster’s efforts to materialize the digitalization potential in the construction industry. 

In the past 6 years, Corina had numerous presentations on promoting the core efficiency of BIM processes in the entire value chain of an investment and also developed Implementation and Execution Strategies on complex programme Projects.

Permanently connected to the international network of BIM specialists, Corina is passionate about researching the newest software solutions and automation processes and firmly believes that the opportunity of transition towards the new working system can contribute to increasing quality in construction.

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