Digital Excellence Awards & Gala

  • 19 October
  • Le Château –  (Bucharest – Romania)
  • Second Edition

FACTORY 4.0 Digital Excellence Awards & Gala

Welcome to the 2023 FACTORY 4.0 Digital Excellence Awards – recognizing companies, products and services that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in digital transformation.

Awards categories

Digital Factory Excellence


Digital Learning Excellence


Digital Platform Excellence


Digital Public Service Excellence


Digital Banking and Finance Excellence


Digital Medical/Healthcare Excellence


Digital Services Excellence


Digital StartUp Excellence


Digital Product Excellence


Digital Energy Excellence


Nominate a project FACTORY 4.0 Digital Excellence Awards

Welcome to the 2023 FACTORY 4.0 Digital Excellence Awards – a recognition of companies, products, and services that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and leadership in digital transformation.

Winners will be announced on the event website in the Awards and Gala section.

WHY PARTICIPATE – Participating in the awards program is an excellent opportunity for your company and products to be acknowledged for excellence in digital transformation and to highlight their unique capabilities and contributions to the digital economy.

NOMINATIONS – Nominations can be submitted by employees of companies that have implemented relevant digitization projects, developed products and services with a strong digital component, or by employees of service providers that have delivered such projects.

VOTING – The voting process will be conducted by FACTORY 4.0 based on the selection criteria presented.

SELECTION CRITERIA – This award aims to recognize organizations that have demonstrated success in projects where there is synergy between business and IT management disciplines and have delivered digitally-enabled products and services over a sustained period. The award will be given to a technological program or project that has achieved observable and measurable excellence. Recognized organizations are companies leveraging digital and disruptive technologies such as Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, Mobility, IoT, AR/VR to transform or bring significant change – often driven by design thinking – to one or more processes (e.g., automation, predictive maintenance, green energy, AR/VR training); operational models (e.g., creating new revenue sources); or customer experience in one or more aspects of their business (e.g., leadership, digital and physical experiences, data transformation, operations, workforce/workplace).

GALA – The gala will take place on October 19, 2023, at Le Château in Bucharest, Romania.

Thank you for participating in this exciting awards program! Encourage nominations for outstanding projects!

FACTORY 4.0 Digital Excellence Awards Winners of the 2022 edition

At the end of 2021, the Bosch factory in Cluj officially inaugurated a laboratory dedicated to Industry 4.0 within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, following a total investment of approximately 280,000 euros.

Modern and equipped with equipment used in automated production processes in the automotive industry, where university students will have the opportunity to learn and understand the new concepts of Industry 4.0, how to configure production systems, cloud engineering, RFID systems (Identification by Radio Frequency) and automated production processes, the new laboratory comprises an MMS 4.0 (Modular Mechatronics Training System) production line, designed for didactic purposes, modular, with stations that can be used independently or interconnected. Also here we also find a multi-axis system for CNC simulation (Computer Numerical Control), an intelligent pressing station, as well as a screwing station with force measurement.

The platform Code of Talent (MICROLEARNING) can be used as a digital follow-up tool after a training delivered in class or as a stand alone digital learning environment. It can be managed by Ascendis as content and training management partner or used as a client self-managed solution for own trainers and own content.

moneo: the IIoT platform for industry and production

As an IIoT platform, ifm moneo combines the level of operation technology with the level of information technology. The sensor data generated in the production plants can be read and processed easily and used as a basis for sustainable corporate decisions.

moneo has a modular structure and consists of a basic software as well as applications, for example, for condition monitoring or for IO-Link sensor parameter setting. This makes it possible to put together a tailor-made software package for every individual requirement.

The platform is a project developed by the Authority for the Digitization of Romania and supported by the Romanian Electronic Payments Association, which offers taxpayers the opportunity to view existing payment obligations and/or to pay online with the card, partially or fully, local taxes and fees, as well as existing fines.

Proof of payment is received by e-mail in just a few minutes after the actual payment.

ZoidPay is a crypto payment method developed by Zoidcoin Network to serve not only as a payment solution inside our platform but as a global crypto payment solution developed for everyone. It means that even people who have never heard of crypto before should be able to use it.

The National Medicines Agency is a government agency in Romania. It aims to protect and promote public health by:

  • evaluation of the authorization documentation with a view to placing medicinal products on the market, supervision of the safety of medicinal products in the therapeutic circuit through inspection and pharmacovigilance
  • ensuring access to information regarding medicinal products authorized to be placed on the market in Romania
  • evaluating the documentation for the authorization of clinical trials, inspecting the organizations that conduct these types of trials as well as the place where they are conducted; this type of inspection is aimed at verifying compliance with the rules of good practice in the clinical trial

ANM aims to ensure the effectiveness and administrative efficiency of the organization (ANM) and the transparency of the practices and procedures used.

The WING group of companies engages in multidisciplinary research, development, and technology transfer, supported by a robust infrastructure and skilled workforce capable of sustaining complex technical and scientific processes.

Through extensive collaborations with research organizations and beneficiary institutions, we lay the groundwork for Open Innovation and Research Excellence.

For 20 years, our group of companies has been innovating continuously, openly, and sustainably. As a result, we possess the ability to address the increasingly complex technological and social challenges of the 21st century, in which innovation has become a key component of a prosperous and secure society.

By developing innovative technologies that enhance and ultimately lead to improved quality and safety of life, we will shape a better future out of the present!

Octavic helps industrial manufacturers automate and digitalize their shopfloor operations management, by providing organizational transparency, eliminating deadtimes and repetitive reporting tasks, and optimizing production scheduling. The product is trusted by global multinationals in pharma, tobacco and FMCG, such as Gedeon Richter, Zentiva, Avril, whose annual financial benefits range in the 2M area.

Our solution addresses the electrification of road transport, including vehicle research
electric vehicles, batteries, hybrid technologies and the integration of electric vehicles into electric networks

Connecting, distributing or controlling current or data flows – we’ve been developing the right products for this since 1923. Whether it’s in industrial production plants, in the field of renewable energies, in infrastructure or for the complex connection of devices: our solutions are used wherever processes need to run automatically. Beyond their functionality, they help our partners develop sustainable applications with more efficient processes and reduced costs.

We are Phoenix Contact: with innovative products and solutions, we pave the way to a sustainable and climate-neutral world.


Ford Otosan Craiova is a significant branch of Ford Otosan in Romania, specialized in manufacturing commercial vehicles. Located in Craiova, this plant has a substantial impact on the local economy by creating jobs and exporting high-quality vehicles to international markets. Through advanced technology and innovation, Ford Otosan Craiova contributes to the development of the automotive and manufacturing industries in the country.

STADA M&D, the Romanian representative of the STADA Group is a company that integrates complete services for the pharmaceutical market including:

  • Storage;
  • Distribution;
  • Sales, Promotion and Marketing activities;
  • Production ancillary services – batch release;
  • Quality, Regulatory and Pharmaco-Vigilance;

STADA Romania has more than 160 employees, achieving a turnover in 2021 of over 30 M Euro.

Following the assimilation of several well-known companies (Walmark, Hemofarm) or portfolios from branded players (Sanofi, GSK, Grunenthal), STADA sells on the Romanian market a wide range of products represented by portfolios of Hospital products, RX products, innovative products, biosimilar products, over-the-counter (OTC) products, medical devices and food supplements.

ALOR Esthetic Medical City is your haven of indulgence, where you can access all the necessary medical and aesthetic services, situated in the tranquil residential area of Baneasa-Pipera in the northern part of Bucharest.

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