Business Matching

Match 360°

Intelligently matching people and content at event

What is Match 360° ?

An industry leading matchmaking platform developed by Jublia that is well proven in over 2,000+ events globally with a comprehensive end-to-end business matching process. Intelligence is built around the full process cycle, easily establishing relevant matches, resulting in fruitful targeted meetings that ensure audience satisfaction at our event.

Who is Jublia?

Jublia specialises in matching people and content to create successful business meetings and effective content discovery at events. They do this through a data-driven approach built on the foundation of an intelligent recommendations platform.

How to schedule a meeting?

After purchasing a ticket, you will recieve an email 5 weeks before the event with your Match 360 account, where you can schedule a short networking meeting with one of the event Partners


Experience Partner​

Speaking Partners

Technology Partners

Organizational Partners

Logistic Partner